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unique made-to-fit

building system


a standardized complete building system

using a minimum amount of resources

based on an all-in-one concept that makes sense

with easy assembly and later possible disassembly, designed for healthy homes in harmony

with nature and Gaia


- point foundation

- floor elements 800x800 mm incl. required pre piping

- corner elements 1200 mm incl. required pre piping

- outer wall elements 400x800 mm “ready to move in”

- outer wall elements with integrated natural ventilation

- roof elements 800x800 mm “ready to move in”

- roof elements with integrated light tunnel

- inner wall elements 400x800 mm “ready to move in”

- insulation and natural ventilation as required

- 18º roof pitch - ideal with green / sedum roof

- design life >120 years

- static documentation included

- designed in all details based on common sense

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standardized building process


- no crane required

- all materials delivered on EUR pallets

- semi-DIY system

- allow the owner to get hands on

- fast and easy



one optimal customized design


- equilateral square, net floor area 52 m², 64 m², 77 m²,    92 m², 108 m² and 125 m² as a one or two storey building with/without mezzanine (≤70%), a cottage / tirolean style country house with large porches and optimized solar shading relative to the compass

which provides the framework for a unique,

charming home with character
















stand-alone garage concept


to ensure a healthy home, all technical

equipment is placed in a stand-alone garage

enabling an autonomous building


- collection of rainwater

- wastewater recycling and treatment

- solar heating system

- electricity production from solar and

other available technologies

- electricity storage in NiFe batteries

- heat storage in water

- recycling system

- minimized EMF radiation

- heat supply for orangery

- minimum maintenance requirements





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various sketch designs